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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IF you drop something... make sure you find it... or your 2 year old WILL!!!

the left over(it was full)

lips fingers


I didn't even yell at him!! look how cute he is all cleaned up!!
he helped me "hit pan" LOL

A few things I learned in the past few days.

1st: NOT to use Baby shampoo to wash my brushes. I'll protect my source.... but something about the No- Tears formulas do something to the REAL hair brushes.
2nd: There are hand handle UV lights for sanitizing items. And the prices range from $9 to $150.
3rd: My Son has selective hearing( I know this is not makeup but wait...) so when I say "Boomy put down Mommy's makeup!" He does hear me... just chooses not to listen.
4th: CS has amazing fast shipping.
5th: Deciding which Celebrity Makeup Artist I can ATTEMPT to copy is getting REALLY HARD!!! They are sooo awesome... I'm getting shy.
6th: I think I might be allergic to DUO lash glue.... which is really sad. After 3 hours my lash line gets a little puffy.

Ok that's what I learned the past few days. No major discoveries... but anyway important to me. I hope you enjoyed it

check out this video

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My new fav!

Ok so I have a new favorite brush.
It's soft, cheap, and wonderful. E.L.F. studio strikes again. Sorry for the semi crappy picture... my nice cam is acting up!!! Ok so this brush is $3 bucks.... by the way everything in the E.L.F. studio line is $3. The regular E.L.F. line starts at $1 and they have minerals which range in price. Anyway... back to the brush.

The handle is nice and thick, fits nicely in your hand. I've used it for powder and for blush blending. It's made of synthetic Taklon ( so you animal lovers should be happy) , also I just noticed it can be used for wet products too.... interesting... I wonder how it would work with liquid foundations.

Next to MAC's 239.


I'm going to write me review on the E.L.F. website right now!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eyes Lips Face duo.

I really wanted to do this live... using my webcam and then editing in some stills of the product... but since my webcam hates me right now.... I'll do a blog review.( I know AIversonBabe is happy:P). Which might work out better in the end(LESS WORK). Ok so my pal on youtube Girlcanpaint spotlighted this product a few videos ago... and I placed a E.L.F order about 2 weeks ago and decided to make this part of my haul. So glad I did! Here's the story. Ok are you sitting down? Most likely yes, anyway... if you're looking for a sleek blush/bronzer combo.... look no farther.

This E.L.F. duo is 3 bucks!!! And the color payoff is excellent. Just enough bronzsey shimmer and just a touch of coralie pink to make this a Spring must, and for the price come on. Here are some close up pictures of the colors. I heard that this combo is a dupe for a NARS blush duo, but since I don't have the NARS I can't say for sure. If anyone knows the duo I'm talking about let me know.
Let's talk packaging. Ok it's a soft matte case, with E.L.F. and Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in small letters(NOT BLASTING) on the flip top. Now that flip-top, the only con is...
it is REALLY hard to pop open. I almost broke my already weak nail on it, but once it was opened I was really happy soooo. Full mirror, plastic E.L.F. cover, and shiny black plastic surround the 2 rounded rectangular pans. 4grams/.14 Oz total. The bottom has a small circular stick stating the product name and number.

I used this duo on a client and she loved the color payoff! I was happy too the picture above is more sunny shade if you will.... It's showing a but more pink there than in really life. I really hope E.L.F. does more as far as color products in their Studio Line.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I set up a myspace account for JESmakeup . Just trying to reach out to more people.
Check it out if you can!

Enjoy the day

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrity Makeup Artist: Video 2 Joanna Schlip

This is just a product list.... watch the slideshow tut here.

Base: *Groundworks-- Paint pot-- MAC

Eyes: *Cocoa --pigment--Spell Cosmetics *Hot Cocoa--e/s--Revlon * lightest green from Khaki Suede --cream e/s-- Revlon *Overgrown --e/s-- MAC *202(Hunter green)--e/l--Sephora *Full n'Soft--mascara--Maybelline *Lights, Camara, Lashes --mascara--Tarte

Cheeks: *Blushing Mauve--cream blush--Revlon *Flirt & Tease --blush--MAC *Format--blush--MAC *Opal color from Mystical magic --cream e/s --Revlon

Lips: *Sweet Caramel--lipgloss-- Sephora *Trifle--lipglass--MAC

I hope you guys are liking this series! Comment here or on the youtube video!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Idea!

"Wow I've never used this blush." and " Have I ever worn this lipgloss???" and the best "I knew I already that Mulch e/s (brow pencil, HIP duo, NYX jumbo eye pencil, Relvon l/s... etc.)"
Any of these thoughts sound familiar to you? If so I think it's time we re-check out our collections.

This is my short story: I just brought a new 5 drawer desk top storage unit. Cause my lipsticks and blushes were getting out of control. I moved almost every draw around. I CAN'T BELIEVE a that stuff fit in just 15 drawers(before pic above). Because now that I have 20 drawers I STILL need more room!!! And can I tell you all the truth... half of the things I have... I've used only once! So I'm taking some advice I saw on one of my friends youtube channel.
Check out this video from Vanewpc and lets get to it.

Open up your stash/collections move stuff around... put it where you'll see it. Try some new color combos, reach in and pick out those colors you haven't used in months. Now that I'm using my stuff for work I am hoping to go thru my collection more now....

Here's the picture from tonight... note I haven't labeled yet.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How offend....

How offend do you wash your makeup brushes?

I wash 2 times a week AT LEAST... and spot cleaning with spray brush cleaner when needed. I deep clean every 2 weeks OR after I use my brushes on anyone else.
There are many ways to wash your brushes, but the KEY is the drying!!! Try to lay your brushes FLAT or blow-dry your brushes! Do not let your brushes dry in a jar standing up.... the water will travel down and rot the handle and loosen the glue.

Here are some tips from me:

* Spot clean brushes
* To avoid stains white haired brushes should be spot cleaned right after use.
* Store up, Dry flat.
* If you can't find MU brush cleaner try Baby Shampoo or Mild (oil free) face wash.
* Wash warm, Rinse cool.
* Try to remember to "turn" brushes when they are drying (like after 1 hour)
* Brushes you don't use a lot can collect dust and irritate your skin, try spot cleaning or wiping on a clean washcloth before use.

Here are some video links about brush cleaning:

EnKoreMakeup Cleaning Brushes

These are just some great ideas of how to clean your brushes.

Happy Cleaning!

I am starting a new series on youtube!

Trying to challenge myself.

I was lucky to meet a Celebrity Makeup Artist, Victoria Stiles. Meeting her has really made me want to kick off this series. I had a full on live tut for this look... all step by step. But the audio got totally messed up. So I did put together a video with some pictures and loads of info on the side bar of the video!

I hope you all enjoy the look and challenge yourself to trying something new too. Be on the look out for a new Celebrity Makeup Artist look this weekend!

p.s. the link to my youtube channel is over to the right.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Harmon Sales for the month of April

Harmon stores are only in NY, NJ, and CT.

I believe you can order online BUT they NEVER show the sales online... so I'm not sure.

Here are the coupons for April 2009.

You can use Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons (ie. $5 off $20 and 20% off) there also. And come on people combo those vendor coupons from your the Sunday newspapers.

Harmon is just like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens (and maybe a touch of ULTA). I think one of the only difference I've found is that they run their sales for a MONTH. While most places run sales for 1 week. There are pros and cons to doing this.... you can think about a product longer before having to run in for the sale. Con if you are waiting for POSH brushes to have a coupon ( like me.... RUT RUH) you(I) have to to wait a WHOLE month to see if they put it on sale next month.

And you know us makeup freaks hate waiting....
p.s. Harmon will ship international orders.

this is what I picked up... today(I'm a no - buy... except Kit shopping)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Review: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Ok so these are NOT new products... but alot of people ask me about some bases I like to use. "What makes colors POP?" I find that cream bases make color pop the best. Eye primers and bases are different products.

But let's just talk about this product: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Ok so these are what I call eye bases or cream eye bases. They can be worn alone, over a primer, or as a cream base for eyeshadow or pigments. Depending on your type of eyelid skin I find that these pencils do not cause creasing. BUT wait... hold on don't get all excited.... They are not for all day looks alone. Here's a video(don't laugh) I was preggers

I hope you only watched a few mins of that.... if you didn't I did a look and it lasted ALL day (with primer) and Strawberry Milk pencil. No creasing no movement until it was removed by Target wipes.
So if you are looking for dupes for product and not nessary colors try these out if you haven't already. I believe retail they range from $2.99 to $5 each. Check out the offical NYX website for complete list of colors . There are about 10 different websites that sell NYX products and if you are looking for a local place, check out their store locator.
Let's get on with the swatches. So I don't own all of the colors, but here are real life swatches of the few I have.... Enjoy and please ask if you have any questions.

left to right: Black Bean, Dark Brown, and Milk

these are cream Matte colors no shimmer!

Left to right: Purple, Strawberry Milk, Oyster, and Rust

Left to right: Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Pots & Pans, and Pacific

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just a few words

I made a video on youtube over 6 months ago about a GREAT product I use to fade scars and marks on my face and skin. Ambi check it out.

I still get questions about the product and alot of REPEAT questions so this is a fun way to say.....

Thanks for watching!
Next post.... NYX Jumbo EYE pencils!!