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Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Idea!

"Wow I've never used this blush." and " Have I ever worn this lipgloss???" and the best "I knew I already that Mulch e/s (brow pencil, HIP duo, NYX jumbo eye pencil, Relvon l/s... etc.)"
Any of these thoughts sound familiar to you? If so I think it's time we re-check out our collections.

This is my short story: I just brought a new 5 drawer desk top storage unit. Cause my lipsticks and blushes were getting out of control. I moved almost every draw around. I CAN'T BELIEVE a that stuff fit in just 15 drawers(before pic above). Because now that I have 20 drawers I STILL need more room!!! And can I tell you all the truth... half of the things I have... I've used only once! So I'm taking some advice I saw on one of my friends youtube channel.
Check out this video from Vanewpc and lets get to it.

Open up your stash/collections move stuff around... put it where you'll see it. Try some new color combos, reach in and pick out those colors you haven't used in months. Now that I'm using my stuff for work I am hoping to go thru my collection more now....

Here's the picture from tonight... note I haven't labeled yet.



Nudiemuse said...

I am waiting to get some new bins and this is exactly what I want to do.

The World's Dresser said...

Can't wait to see when you get everything labeled!