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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

pH MatchMaker Lip gloss pictures

in store package

"Full-Size" mirror

LED light button!

Thanks for checking out these pictures! See my First look video on YouTube!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5 Summer Essentials to Beautiful Skin

Hey Guys... it's getting warm out there!! Here are some easy items to get into for beautiful skin!!

Water*: Refill your body with this primary component. Keeping hydrated during the warmer weather is not only necessary but good for your skin!! With the added sun protectors you will be using it is important to have water help flush the skin ie. sweat! If you are not a big water drinker try using enhancers like MiO or Crystal Light. Another helpful hint... you can get your 8 glasses of water a day in just 4 16.9 oz water bottles... with 3.70oz extra a day!!

Cleansing the skin: Look you've heard it before...from your parents first I'm sure ... "Go wash your face!" Makeup, SPF, sweat, and the environment all can pile up on the skin! It is SUPER important to wash away the grime from your skin DAILY!! On light makeup days I use this combo! I cleanse with the MAC Mineralize Charge Water Cleanser  I just use a cotton ball (or cotton pad) and then Neutrogena's new scrub what helps tackle shine with rice protein! Find your combo and work with it!

SPF+: Enough said.  Every skin tone needs sun protection!! EVERY!! Walking down a city block for shopping, heading to the beach, watching a ball game, or having a picnic in the park.. all sunblock situations! Good thing is a lot of our skincare items have some SPF built in! SPF is perfect all year around, because even tho the summer time sun feels stronger because of the tilt of the Earth, it has the same strength year long.

Diet: Not dieting... but what you eat and ingest into your body! Enjoy your cocktails with the girls, get down at the weekend BBQ, and get a creamy soft serve every now and then get back to your regular routine!

Sleep: With Summertime parties and people starting their days earlier plus still holding down the 9 to 5's it is easy to get run down! No matter your age we all need time to repair our bodies and that's what sleep does for you!! Check out this article about sleep for more detailed info! There is not the "magic number**" that is important, but the kind of sleep we get!!

Those are my 5 Summer Essentials for beautiful skin. Not saying you won't get a flair up or suffer a burn, but  these will help keep your skin healthy and happy for most of the time!!
Enjoy Summer 2012!!

*water photo: link
+: Please follow the directions on your SPF product and reapply when needed.
**: quote

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bold and Bright

I wanted to have some fun!! So I grabbed my BF Beauty palette and went to work!! I hope you guys enjoy the pics... video on Youtube!!

Bold colors are great for this time of year!!! Post pictures if you try a
look for yourself!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zebra Print nail art

So yesterday I asked my twitter followers what color/colors should I do on my nails( I find it hard to do only one color anymore).  I got a lot of great answers... so I pulled a little of this and a little of that from the responses and here is what I came up with!!  If you want to see how it's done check out the video!!

Hope you guys like it!

Monday, May 21, 2012

I can't believe I did a makeup look!!!

Everything is listed in the video... but if you have any questions... comment below!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just a Splash

In the summer months I enjoy using splashes on a daily and leaving the perfumes for special dinners out or events!!  Here are 4 new ones that I picked up this week!!  

First from Victoria's Secret*
Pink with a Splash Sweet & Flirty: "...a sparkling mix of sweet sugar berry and pink grapefruit"

Then from Bath and Body Works#
Secret Wonderland(right) "a whimsical blend of luscious strawberry, frosted jasmine petals and white amber inspired by a world you never dreamed existed"

Country Chic(left) " effortlessly sexy blend of sparkling lemon, bright wildflowers, and spring woods inspired by the fresh air and natural beauty of America's countryside."  I haven't been on a countryside in a while... but I like this lightness of this splash!!

Pink Chiffon(center) "...blended Sparkling Red Pear, Vanilla Orchid and Whipped Chiffon Musk to create this ultra-feminine fragrance inspired by the effortless grace and beauty of a master ballerina."

Which summer splashes do you like??

Also BBW has a great freebie coupon... you get when you purchase... so look in the bottom of your bag!!

*,# Quotes taken from the respective websites

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor!! Haul and overview

High-light Powder: Crew

                     I went to the Hey, Sailor unveiling event last night at MAC! I had a blast!! The hors d'oeuvres were cute with sea themes, the drinks looked yummy and lagoon colored! There was a tap dancer and sailor boys doing tattoos!  I wanted to share a few pictures of products and some of the event!! I will have a video up by this afternoon showing everything I got!! My Best friend and I arrived at 7pm... Thank goodness it had stopped raining by then, cause there was a sizable line at the door! As we entered, the tap dancer started her thing... See looked just like the visual except she was a blonde!! All the staff was decked(haa haa no pun intended) out in cute sailor hats, gold accents, and vintage looking skirts!  Music was blasting and everyone was testing, swatching, eating, getting tattooed, and having a good time!! Full reviews of these newbies will be out within the week!! This MAC collection comes out in the USA on May 24th!!  Here are the goodies I picked up!! Enjoy!

Photos: All photos are by JESmakeup

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heading to The 2012 Makeup Show

Tomorrow is May 14th and I will be in NYC for the 2012 Makeup Show that the Powder group has been putting on for us Pros for over 6 years now!!

Tickets will be available tomorrow at the door... go to for all the info!! I will be tweeting and updating my FB tomorrow... so follow me on both for all the up to date info from the show!!!

Let me know if you see me at the show!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MAC's Hey Sailor Unveiling party!!

On May 15th I am heading out for some makeup and partying at a local MAC store for the Hey Sailor collection Unveiling party!! The US launch date is May 24th... the collection will be show and sold at the Unveiling party and then packed back up until the 24th!  I love these parties!! A ton of MAC artist friends will be there... talking up the collection and just being friendly and fun!!  Most of the time there is no makeup applications done, but you'll get to swatch the colors, quickly try on a gloss I'm sure, and also pick up any regular products you might need!  At past parties... a blank paper with a list of the collection is given out...where u can check off which products you want!  Then once you've check off your item(sssssss) give it to one of the artist there and they can pull your stuff for you!

To see if your local MAC store is having an event call or check MAC Cosmetics website... Look toward the bottom of the menu bar (Find a Store or an Event).  When you do find an event by you... make sure you call!! Most stores do a staggered entry times...starting 3 to 4 hours before reg closing times depending on the location. And there is a limit to the amount of people!!

Now if you need all the details please check out Temptalia. Christine did her usually wonderful info spread on this collection!! So please check out her blog her for the run down on the colors and prices!  I have seen the collection in person already and I have to say... I am excited!!! The colors are prefect for this time of year and into the summer season! I don't even want to talk about the packaging!! Hey! if you can't wait to the US launch date... this collection is out in Europe already... so if you have a friend....


Here is a thought for all you who want to be a MAC artist. At the Unveiling parties Store Management, Trainers, and District Management ARE present! Dress your best(not necessary in all black!!) Talk to a lot of the artist and introduce yourself. NOTE: This is not a time to tell them your resume... but just be charming and note worthy.  Also come back to the location within a week or so if you are looking for a MAC career. Dropping off a clean resume and if possible portfolio!  Good Luck.

Photos: all images from

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Out of the ordinary...brush in hand???

Not always at a makeup spot!
I was just talking to one of my makeup artist friends and we were talking about the strangest, weirdest, or just out of the ordinary place we've done makeup!!  I have to say the weirdest place I've done makeup was on a bus into the city... I was on my way to an early morning photo shoot.
I jammed into my seat next to a young lady, kit between my legs, carry bag on my lap... I was touching up from the walk to the bus station and I heard... "Wow you have a lot of makeup in your makeup bag..." HAHA... she of course had no clue... we started talking and with in minutes I learned she was heading to an early lunch with a old college roommate!! She was nicely dressed, perfect hair do... and NOT A STITCH of makeup on!!!!  I was like... would you like me to do a little on you? Haa haa we had about a 30 min ride so in between the bumps and shifts we did the WHOLE face! I did wait until we stopped at Port Auth. to do her mascara... the last thing I needed was to be sued for jabbing her in the eye!  We parted and I cleaned my brushes at the start of my photo shoot!  My friend's story is a bit similar... she gave a lip-over on a subway! Seems like the girl was over blending and way too much lipgloss...
   So what is your crazy makeup story?? Where were you?  How much time did you have? 

Photos: Brushes from this blog here is the post!
            Bus here

Review time: Revlon's Just Bitten

So are you looking for a quick touch of color that you won't have to worry about for a couple of hours?  The best thing about lip stains out there now... most of them have the marker tip just like the Revlon ones do! This helps even the most unsteady hand. Check out the Revlon Just Bitten line.
The most important thing with lip stains is LIP PREP!! People you have to prep your lips... if you do a sugar scrub the night before and sleep with a heavy lip balm... you should be all set!! I found that when I was first testing it... I didn't prep well and the color came off uneven. Keeping on the older skin more that the supple skin.
Revlon's Just Bitten comes in a range of colors like Fate, Forbidden, and Midnight which are deeper to the lighter shades like Passion and Instinct. The retail prices will always range... but look for sales at places like Ulta and CVS.  After you have applied the stain to your lips, Revlon suggest to wait 30 seconds and then apply the satiny lip balm that is on the other end of the stick.  Everything is all in one on this product! I haven't had this wand for that long, but I have noticed that the cover for the stain end has a cap that is a "double cover".  I don't think this makes it air tight, but it insures that it snaps into place each time.  So make sure when you replace the cap you hear a snap!
So all the lovely stuff is out of the way... let's get to the cons. I only have but one  con, but to me it's a biggie!! The lip balm end of the product.... arggg!  The lip balm comes with about a 1/4 inch exposed and that's it... it does not wind either up or down. Being that you can't wind it down... you have to be very gentle with this or it may snap! And since the balm is the product I will have to apply more than the stain... I find that it will not out last the stain! So even tho I love the color range  is great, staying power is awesome, and the lip balm is a satin balm effect.... the balm  will finish or snap before I've used all the stain! Maybe Revlon will come out with a refill??

Pic credit:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shop Cook and the Vera collection!

I have been waiting a while for this collection!!! So excited about this collection... it is one of the collections that you just know you will be shopping from!! So today was the first day of the collection ... & so I shopped!! Anyway, I didn't want to miss out on anything like I did during the holidays!! Here is a video of the items I picked up today from the MAC Shop and Cook collection !!

p.s. I got in gratis parts of the Vera collection and I already own a few of the Pearlglides!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012