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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Cam!!! New bling

Hey Guys...

I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas!!! I am happy to say I got a new cam for Christmas (yay for Hubby!!) So I am excited to share some new product reviews and more makeup looks!!! Thanks for hanging in with me!!

Here's one thing I picked up for just the fun of it from Forever 21(for beauty stuff??) They have a section of nail polishes, lashes, lipglosses, and other makeup; called Love & Beauty! This is a blinged out tweezer!! Fun for a great mini gift or just to have for fun!!

New Years Makeup look coming soon to youtube!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Makeup Mix Up

Hey Everyone.... Long time no blog!!! LOL Sorry about that and I hope you are all well!! Here is a look I just did... old school too no editting this video!!!
Here are the products and some pictures... the howto is coming soon!!

base: Benefit's Lemon Aid
eyelid: NYX Seafoam Green eye pencil liner
outer lid: MAC Ether
crease: MAC Unsquare
defined the crease: Purus Cosmetics Plummeting Plink
highlight: OCC Oberon

liner: Wet n' Wild 881 liquid liner

lash prime: MAC Prep & Prime Lash
mascara: MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Black

If you guys have any request about with current MAC products or anything else please let me know!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nail Art!!!! I am addicted!

So of course I was surfing on YOUTUBE a few nights ago... and I found Nail Art!!! OHHH Lord! I am in love. Here are 2 looks I did so far! Any questions please please let me know either here or on the videos! Enjoy and please show me if you've done this too! Or get to try it! (Watch he 2nd Video to see how is did the photo)

Pink Marble

Zebra Tips

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So I wanted to share that my work has been featured on a BillBoard! I am super excited and I will take a picture of it soon and post it!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

How To: Blush

Ok Ladies!!!

Who doesn't love a flushed cheek??? When you say Blush do you think clown, silly, or overdone? Those shouldn't be the words on your lips! Blush can be really easy. Start of with a color close to your natural skin tone... then when your A Okay with the application try some different colors!!! I did a quick video a few weeks ago about the placement of blush, cheek contour, and highlight. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


New Video using my new camorder! It's all about doing a simple eye look with a bold liner color!! Have fun!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Picture of products used for the new Twitter picture

Some Key products....
* Sweet & Punchy e/s MAC
* Eve Pearl Anti- Shine Gel in Dark
* E.L.F. e/s Amethyst
* Johnny Lavoy's 9X9 loose pigment JL07
* NW45 Studio Finish concealer
* Hepcat e/s MAC
* Brow pencils Stud MAC and Dark Brown NYX
* Pencil Me in Cosmetics
* Covergirl liquiline blast (no color name.. but a deep plum)
* Paper flowers from Michaels
* Mineral Illuminator from DEX New York
* ColorStay liquid liner in black
* Lash Mixing medium MAC Pro

If you see anything you want to know what it is... let me know!!!! Thanks for hanging in there everyone!!! Here are a few more pictures I hope you all enjoy. Remember... " Makeup is Art. Make it Your Own!" ~JES

Share some of your fun makeup looks!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This will have almost nothing to do with makeup. And I know this is my makeup blog... but that's just it... it's my blog. I am in a music mood today... a kick really. I am listening to NUDE by Radiohead right now... as I type and I am swaying like I am at a piano and not a keyboard. I don't now many of my followers of my blog... but for me music is total Total . It can bring inspiration, form tears, fight crime for God sakes. Since this is a random post anyway... I am have to say I am so glad I can type without having to look at the keys... so I can really feel the music and twist and turn to it....

I know you must be like... what is this chick going on about?? But don't you feel like just sometimes you have to speak out about something or your day will not be complete??? My best friend(song change House of Cards) Chavon sent me for my birthday 3 DVDs full of music... I told her... "You know Chavon, I don't think I will be able to ever listen to all of this music. But you know me so well this is perfect!" I cherry picked over the 3 DVDs, finding some really really good gems that made me think of life, love, and time. Music does it to me... brings me back to when things were so sooooo much simpler. We all wish to go back to those times when the most you had to do was finish your homework and brush your teeth at night. Now, as most of you are around my age; there's job markets, car notes, kids, family, getting to the dentist, all the random things we mostly had no idea our parents had to think about. Am I right? And (Nikka Costa Push and Pull) now that we are in that space... we sometimes what to slip back right in to that homework world. I am rambling I know it... But I haven't found anything else in my life that can sooth me like music can.... or bring tears with the first chord [I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow just listed not listening... it really makes me cry]. Or reminds me of a late afternoon trying to sync a video and a CD of the beginning of Lion King with a floor mate Leigh! Which took over an hour.

I remember the opening of the movie Garden State...ohhh and ahhhh. The movie had some amazing tunes... (Nick Drake One of These Things) really helped the story along... but I have to say it was one of the few soundtrack CDs I own. Right after I saw that movie, I went out and got the CD.
Some great free places on the web to LISTEN to music I am part of Blip here is my profile it's linked to Twitter so you'll be able to see some of my blips/tweets when I am feeling music'ee LOL!!

Ok I think the swaying and tears have taken over my thoughts... so enjoy the music people. The music that plays in your life... it doesn't have to be anything even close to anyone elses... or anyones thoughts on what you should listen to ..... Make your mind and life happy listen to what you feel is right for you. I am leaving with Drifting Along by Jamiroquai

Let me know some of your jams and favorite songs... comment below!!!
NOTE: NONE OF THE MUSIC LINKS ARE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The links are to the exact song I was listening to while I typed. These are all from youtube and I am not advicating the use of unpaid music in videos... just saying.

Music played during editting:
Why by Annie Lennox There's your makeup relation!!! HAA HAA


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Swatches of Modern Mocha

Check the video for the details about the swatches!!

Check out the new video and here are the swatches! If you are looking for more get your your local MAC store or counter!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A.E.R Walk with Style.... a look backstage.

The A.E.R Walk With Style event went off without a hitch!! The Lovely Victoria Stiles invited me to work on her makeup crew for the 2nd year!!!! Makeup was provided by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics(OCC )... David Klasfeld hooked up the crew with the full line of airbrush foundations, mixing medium, 2 wonderful pigments, and the created just for the A.E.R event new Memento Lip Tar!!!

There were some heavy hitters backstage.... Victoria of course was the key (head) makeup artist, along with Koren of EnKoreMakeup, Brandalyn , Stacey of Stacey Ford makeup, Ivette of Girlcanpaint , Brooke and myself!! Along with 2 super cool photographers Dan Stiles and Bryan Viper, both hooked us up last year too!! Brushes, makeup, and laughs were bouncing around the small makeup room!! I think we all had a great time!! You could tell that giving back is something all of the artist share. We tackled a small group of models this year.... with some even returning!! My model Micaela was part of the 1st AER event and came back this year.

So let me tell you what we did!! It's all about the skin and prep makeup people!!!! I wiped down Micaela's face with MAC wipes, using clean hands(which I like and wish I did more) I applied MAC Studio Moisture Fix lotion paying attend to around the nose and under the lip area. Next I moved on to priming the skin with like half pump of MAC's Skin Base. While that was setting in I mixed the OCC Mixing Medium/Skin Primer with the liquid Airbrush foundation. The ratio was about 3 to 1. Then like I always do... I attacked the skin with 2 brushes flat foundation brush(like a 190) and buffed it in easyly with MAC's 131 brush.... soooo smooth!!! I am in love with the OCC foundation! Next I used my Coastal Scents concealer palette's 2 lightest shades to blend a perfect concealer... just to hit a few spots. I think I used my fingers for that step and re buffed with the 131.

Next the eyes!!! Eyes were prepped also. I used MAC's Fast Responses Eye Cream around the eyes, and while that was setting I scooped out some of MAC's Paintely paint pot as a soft base. The paint pot was applied with a soft concealer brush. David gave us 2 really pretty shades of Loose Color Concentrates Oberon and Brasstacks. Victoria had us blend the lighter shade Oberon with a fluffy brush on the brow bone and down to the cheek highlight area. This color is super pretty and has a pink opal sheen to it... gorg!! Next, in true Victoria fashion we swept Brasstacks from lash line to just above the crease, blurring out all lines and moved the color towards the outer corner in a square finish. Soft black/deep brown for the liner I used a mix of MAC's Embark, MAC's Mulch, and borrowed from Brooke her MAC Carbon to create the look. This combo was used on the lower lash line as well... concentrating the color on the outer corner and pulling down. Mascara of course... I used my trusty CoverGirl Remarkable mascara.

Now the cheeks were a treat. We used the OCC Liptar color Memento. Here's a tip when using the Liptars as cheek color. OK.... LESS IS MORE!! Wow this stuff is awesommmmme! I squeezed out a drop onto my palette, then with my ring finger I touched the drop and worked it up on the palette! Then after I worked it out on the palette I used my cleaned ring finger on the "worked" Liptar and tapped it on the cheek bone. Just in 3 spots apple, center, and near hair line. Then with my pointer finger I blended it! The OCC Mixing medium and MAC Prep & Prime Base really helped the tar move and blend easily over the skin. The finish was a flush on the cheeks. Then right on to the lips. Lips were prepped at the beginning with good ol' ChapStick! I took the rest of the Liptar from the palette and filled in the lips with it. No liner needed and the finish was satin matte. Here's the finish.

One other super super SUPER special thing that happened at the AER Walk for Style event... I got to meet... JAMES VINCENT!!!!!!!
Well that was it for the makeup!! Watch out for the video on my youtube for the slideshow of the event!!! With more pictures of the event, the clothing, celebs, shoes, and other backstage madness!!!

Special Thanks to Victoria Stiles of Victoria Stiles Makeup, Dan Stiles and Bryan Viper for the photos, David of OCC for the makeup, and James Vincent for the kiss & awe!!

FTC: Please see site disclaimer.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Long time no see!!

Hello all you beautiful people!! I haven't posted a review, video, product spotlight in what feels like MONTHS!!! I am still trying stuff out... and I have to make some videos and post about the products I am trying. Until then if you have any request please let me know!!!!

At work:
I am really excited for the Give Me Liberty of London line that is coming out!!! I am a packaging freak and I will be sooo keeping the boxes from this collection... just like I did fo
r the Lure collection (way back when!!) It hits all stores March 11th!! I am sure there are a ton of pictures out there!! But in person it looks sooo much better!! If your local store is hosting a event for this collection... get to it!!! I have a feeling English Accent(lipglass) will go first in this collection! There are a lot of products coming from MAC in the next few weeks... some are new staples and others are Limited collections, and also re- promotes. FYI:Dirty Plum blush that just came out with Riveting... if you love it... wait for GML of London and get it in the limited packaging!!

Follow me on Twitter and sub up on Youtube!!

Thanks for hanging in there everyone!!

Picture credit: Temptalia

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Mentor is hosting "Makeovers For The Cure"

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Victoria Stiles back in March 2009, and I can say she is one of the most positive people I know! She really gave me the added courage to step into the fashion end of the makeup business.
So a few days ago when Victoria asked me to link the Makeup For The Cure event on my site I was like "Hello... OF COURSE!!!" I don't think she knows that she is..... my mentor, but she is!!
You'll have the chance to meet some of DC's Top Makeup artist... and have the chance to have them BEAT YOUR FACE!!! Plus Manicures, Hors D'oeuvres, and Cocktails, all held at the Leiper Stiles Studios in Dulles, VA. Victoria just posted a
video (link also has additional info!!)with some more details.

So if you will be in the DC area the afternoon of February 6th which is a Saturday... setup your appointment today, by calling 202-415-3876. All additional info see above!! When you go let Victoria know you read this post!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Youtube Contest

Complete Post coming really soon... I am snapping pictures RIGHT NOW!!!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Short lashes? Prep + Prime them

Check Disclaimer

Ok so I had to stop doing a makeup look after I did my mascara... cause I was just that impressed. Background.... this is not my first purchase of MAC's Prep + Prime lash, but it was the first time since I have been a makeup artist. I knew about it... but since working in the store I hear all the other Artist reaching for it and using it on customers and clients. So I thought... JES, let's re-visit this product. SOOOO glad I did!!

WOW... ok so the science: this is an emollient based primer that does it all! Curls the lashes, thickens them, and also adds length. As with any sort of primer this prepares the lashes for any mascara, and is formulated to work well with all the MAC mascaras. Infused with Vitamin E to strengthen the lashes... and over time you will see more lashes and longer because they are conditioned.

What I like to do:
Ok, I do my face and eye makeup. I apply one full coat let it set and then apply more just on the tips of the lashes... I have done this up to 4 coats without looking too spidery... you mi
ght need to comb the lashes a bit. After the primer is just about clear (maybe do your blush and lips while the coats tack up) then I apply 1 coat of my mascara. Lately I have been using MAC's Studio Fix Lash which I love cause of the formed wand (similar to CoverGirl's Lash Blast, but a smaller wand head). Then wa-la... lengthily lashes!!!

And don't worry you contact lens wearers it's all good! Retails for $14 US. Let me know your thoughts about this products and have you tried anything else like this?