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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Short lashes? Prep + Prime them

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Ok so I had to stop doing a makeup look after I did my mascara... cause I was just that impressed. Background.... this is not my first purchase of MAC's Prep + Prime lash, but it was the first time since I have been a makeup artist. I knew about it... but since working in the store I hear all the other Artist reaching for it and using it on customers and clients. So I thought... JES, let's re-visit this product. SOOOO glad I did!!

WOW... ok so the science: this is an emollient based primer that does it all! Curls the lashes, thickens them, and also adds length. As with any sort of primer this prepares the lashes for any mascara, and is formulated to work well with all the MAC mascaras. Infused with Vitamin E to strengthen the lashes... and over time you will see more lashes and longer because they are conditioned.

What I like to do:
Ok, I do my face and eye makeup. I apply one full coat let it set and then apply more just on the tips of the lashes... I have done this up to 4 coats without looking too spidery... you mi
ght need to comb the lashes a bit. After the primer is just about clear (maybe do your blush and lips while the coats tack up) then I apply 1 coat of my mascara. Lately I have been using MAC's Studio Fix Lash which I love cause of the formed wand (similar to CoverGirl's Lash Blast, but a smaller wand head). Then wa-la... lengthily lashes!!!

And don't worry you contact lens wearers it's all good! Retails for $14 US. Let me know your thoughts about this products and have you tried anything else like this?

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