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Friday, February 22, 2013

Incase any of you Beauty Gals are into crafts

Hey Beauty people! I started a new blog about my Scrapbooking called Crafty Scrappy Mamas!!  As an opening number I am having a Giveaway!! Jump on over there... follow the blog if it suits you, vote and be entered into the Giveaway!!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Makeup for the Busy Mom

       Wow it has been a while! But from the title you can see what I have up to! Busy busy Mom here... and I noticed how easy it is to let ones self go.... I was rocking some CraZy eyebrows a few weeks ago! Then I just got sick of looking like I was so run down.
Here are the steps I took to getting back on track!!

*Cleaned out my collection. I tossed mascara, lipglosses, and liquid foundations.
*These wipes are fast and dual textured!
*Cleaned and separated my brushes. I took a hard look at which brushes I was really really going to use daily. The rest I put in brush rolls. This might not be something you have to do... but I have well over 100 brushes ...rut ruh.
*Lined up my skincare. I switched from face washes back to remover wipes and Aveeno's pre-everything disc. I find those quick and I can use them with one hand;-)
*Moved some stuff around. I no longer have a makeup desk... (I know right!!! But the new baby needed a spot to sleep:-)) So things like MAC Brush cleanser and Fix+ moved into the bathroom. Note about bathroom storage. It is best to only keep products that are not temperature sensitive AND covered or sealed there. Brushes and general makeup can get bacteria build up fast. If you must store in the bathroom... move items as far from toilet and tub as possible. And just for extra protection spot clean brushes before use.
*I went back to basic makeup. It has to be fast when it comes to being busy... or I guess I could wake up at 5am (yeah right) So it's just clean, prep, foundation, brows, long lasting liner, mascara, touch of blush and I have been using liner to fill the lip then adding a gloss. Done! Some this like this...

*The last thing I did was trim my makeup bag... I now carry the bare essentials in the makeup bag since I now have diapers and wipes also in my purse!!

Trust me it was super hard going from full face to not a scratch... but coming back to a happy medium was great. I also plan on visiting my old store to see the new trends... so I can start feeling connected again!!!
Being a mother of 3 little boys (who are crazy, but fun) is hard work... but not impossible! And looking halfway decent is possible.
Tell me how you moms out there do it? Share some of your secrets below!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

pH MatchMaker Lip gloss pictures

in store package

"Full-Size" mirror

LED light button!

Thanks for checking out these pictures! See my First look video on YouTube!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5 Summer Essentials to Beautiful Skin

Hey Guys... it's getting warm out there!! Here are some easy items to get into for beautiful skin!!

Water*: Refill your body with this primary component. Keeping hydrated during the warmer weather is not only necessary but good for your skin!! With the added sun protectors you will be using it is important to have water help flush the skin ie. sweat! If you are not a big water drinker try using enhancers like MiO or Crystal Light. Another helpful hint... you can get your 8 glasses of water a day in just 4 16.9 oz water bottles... with 3.70oz extra a day!!

Cleansing the skin: Look you've heard it before...from your parents first I'm sure ... "Go wash your face!" Makeup, SPF, sweat, and the environment all can pile up on the skin! It is SUPER important to wash away the grime from your skin DAILY!! On light makeup days I use this combo! I cleanse with the MAC Mineralize Charge Water Cleanser  I just use a cotton ball (or cotton pad) and then Neutrogena's new scrub what helps tackle shine with rice protein! Find your combo and work with it!

SPF+: Enough said.  Every skin tone needs sun protection!! EVERY!! Walking down a city block for shopping, heading to the beach, watching a ball game, or having a picnic in the park.. all sunblock situations! Good thing is a lot of our skincare items have some SPF built in! SPF is perfect all year around, because even tho the summer time sun feels stronger because of the tilt of the Earth, it has the same strength year long.

Diet: Not dieting... but what you eat and ingest into your body! Enjoy your cocktails with the girls, get down at the weekend BBQ, and get a creamy soft serve every now and then get back to your regular routine!

Sleep: With Summertime parties and people starting their days earlier plus still holding down the 9 to 5's it is easy to get run down! No matter your age we all need time to repair our bodies and that's what sleep does for you!! Check out this article about sleep for more detailed info! There is not the "magic number**" that is important, but the kind of sleep we get!!

Those are my 5 Summer Essentials for beautiful skin. Not saying you won't get a flair up or suffer a burn, but  these will help keep your skin healthy and happy for most of the time!!
Enjoy Summer 2012!!

*water photo: link
+: Please follow the directions on your SPF product and reapply when needed.
**: quote

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bold and Bright

I wanted to have some fun!! So I grabbed my BF Beauty palette and went to work!! I hope you guys enjoy the pics... video on Youtube!!

Bold colors are great for this time of year!!! Post pictures if you try a
look for yourself!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zebra Print nail art

So yesterday I asked my twitter followers what color/colors should I do on my nails( I find it hard to do only one color anymore).  I got a lot of great answers... so I pulled a little of this and a little of that from the responses and here is what I came up with!!  If you want to see how it's done check out the video!!

Hope you guys like it!

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