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Friday, September 18, 2009

Some picks and finds from the past few months!

Hey Guys!

So I just did a video for some of my makeup picks from the last few months... So of the products are new(meaning I haven't spoke about them before) and some are old favs! On the video for youtube (see below) has links on that side bar for the links to the blog post related to any products I posted about.... what? That was a bit of a ramble... If you watch the video via the youtube site... you will see on the sidebar the links to the product reviews in this blog... better? LOL

Here are all the products and in the video I show you all how I did this quicky look!!

My Little Son is all up in this video! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

IFB event on Monday Sept 14th

Independent Fashion Bloggers(IFB) held it's 2nd annual Dress Up Soiree on September 14th, in the heart of NYC's Chinatown. Even tho I am mostly a Beauty blogger, I had the chance to go to the event to get some really useful information from Jennine Tamm and a handful of key speakers. The Fashion bloggers spoke mostly about fashion topics, but in a board way that anyone with any type of blog could benefit.
The event started off with a bang!! While on-line outside I met Suzanne Kuhn, Freelance Writer and Author, and ladies she was rocking these hot hot shoes.... can you believe it... I've never seen shoes like this before! They are Ashish for Top Shop. So Suzanne and I talked for a while what events we did this Fashion week, about our blogs, her shoes LOL, things like that. Once inside the event I have to say I wasn't too happy with what happened. First off my Beauty blogging buddy (say that 3 times fast) Yana, from My Own Judge, who had invited me to this event.... could not attend as planned. For some reason they were carding at the front door and since there was a bar you had to be 21 or over with ID to attend. Ok first off ...what if you didn't have your license? or state ID? Many NY'ers don't have licence and she didn't have her ID with her. Next, this was a Bloggers event NOT a Wine tasting event!! I saw 3 people get turned away. Not cool. They should have done hand stamps or wrist bands for the 21 and over. I have to say I was really upset by this. Once inside Suzanne had the print out of the invite and NO WHERE on it did it state you had to be 21 or over to attend. So that totally put a damper on the night! And Yana's outfit was super cute!
So while we were inside the venue was PACKED! Nice to see so many young bloggers out.... male and females! I saw a few bloggers I read and I also got to interview a few people that were attending the meet and greet. Since it was more of a Fashion blog event I took that time to intro myself and see what the Fashion people were thinking about beauty blogs. Here we go.
What made you start with beauty blogs?
Cynthia: She wanted to find more information on " day to night looks" since she's a working chick and needed help with office to nightlife.
What do you look for in Beauty Blogs?
Josephine: She didn't look for only high end products reviews "I like to see it all", and wants to see more "how-to's"
Roslyn: She wasn't into the makeup as much, but was "looking for the deals."
What keeps you coming back to the blog?
Dolapo: Tone, content, how often they post... "how realist and true to themselves" the blogger is. "with the way the economy is now, is this blogger relating to Who is watching them."
Cecile: She wants to see more "tuts on blogs maybe with links to videos."
How do you find your beauty blogs?
Ngozi: She finds Beauty blogs via word of mouth, blog rolls, and "if I get a link on Twitter that is of interest," she'll read and follow the blog.

So even though I missed the big Beauty Bloggers event I still got some useful information about blogging in general from the IFB. The panel talked about copyrighting, finding your our blog voice, writing about what you really care about, and how to credit pics and info. The event was a bit crowded and because of the misinformation regarding the entrance... I did not have a blast, but I still managed to have a decent time. We parted the event with a pretty nice goodie bag including cards, samples from Starbucks, discount codes from Moxie and 365 Hangers, and a full size tube of Bad Gal Lash from Benefit.
shoe picture credit: Zebra Feet

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Week NYC 2009: The Hillary Flowers show

Hey all! So as you may know I worked the Hillary Flowers Fashion Week 2009 fashion show on September 10th. The show started at 11pm and was awesome.... I will have some more pictures when the event photos are up on Hillary's site. The clothes were amazing, the models were great, the space was tight but 100% fun! I got to meet some great people and also see some familiar faces!
Girlcanpaint aka Ivette and I worked the show together. I found the listing Hillary put out for her show, and I signed up and then told Ivette about it! It was great having a friend there! Then in walked Nicole, a fellow makeup artist I met back on May 2nd at the FDU fashion show!!! So it was a great night altogether. We each created 3 models looks.
I have 2 more events this Fall Fashion Week! I can't wait to tell you all more about them! Details coming soon!!
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Pan-Stik it

I've heard of these Pan-Stiks a while ago... but since hearing about Max Factor leaving our shelves next year(read my post). I wanted to try these out and if it was all good stock up!!! I found these at my local Walmart for $5 on sale... retail price is from $5.95 to $10. I have to say first the color range is VERY VERY limited. These are for my Makeup Artist kit only. There are 8 shades ranging from 101 Natural to 137 Suntone. Let me also say... Max Factor in fact has products for deeper tones!! Just not in this formulation. Check out the Color Genius line for 2 Honey tones!

Ok back to the sticks.... creamy and easy to blend... soft scent. Blends like a dream!

If you're looking for a cream foundation in stick form for the coming fall and winter months and these are in your color range... check them out!!!
size: .5 oz (14 g)
colors: 8 shades
contains: Mineral oil, Kaolin,Carnauba wax, Beeswax, Paraffin, Ozokerite, Fragrance, Propylparaben, Sorbic Acid, Methylparaben, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.
Made in the USA of US and Imported Parts
Can apply with: Brush(full), Damp Sponge(sheer), or Fingers [clean :) ]
price range: $5.95 to $10 depending on market
Check this and other Max Factor products at

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MAX FACTOR goes bye bye for the US market!

I was watching BellaMakeupINC on youtube and as she was applying her makeup she mentioned that Max Factor will be going out of business. I thought... NO WAY! So I googled and low and below Max Factor owned by Procter & Gamble Co will be pulling the products from the US shelves the first quarter of 2010. So not out of business, but off of US shelves. It seems that Max Factor doesn't sell well here, but in places like the UK it outsells Covergirl. I'm not sure about you but that 2000 Calorie Mascara is pretty hot. I feel like I should stock up, but who knows it the product will dry up before I get to use it??? Here are some facts from the Times Online article:

The brand was created in 1909 by Max Factor, a makeup artist at the Royal Ballet in Russia who emigrated the US. Mr Factor moved to California, where he set up a shop that specialised in makeup for films, creating a thinner version of the greasepaint traditionally used by stage actors.

Although Max Factor makeup later graced the faces of famous beauties including Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, it was worn for the first time on camera by a man – the actor Henry B Walthall, who worked as a model for screen tests.

It's hard to believe that a cosmetic line, that has been around for over 100 years is beginning discounted in this country.... I thought we are so beauty conscious. The more brands the merrier!! Well, I guess if you see your favs on sale grab them up... cause it's only September now BUT 2010 is so around the corner!

For more info google: max factor out of business

Times Online:
P&G phasing out Max Factor in America
Reuters: P&G to phase out Max Factor in the United States
Cosmeics Design: P&G phases out Max Factor distribution in US

See some products I got from the AER Walk for Style show I did with Victoria Stiles back in March 09.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spotlight Line: Purus Cosmetics by Dana Laurie

Does that name look familiar? What if I dropped a few letters and added potter16??? Now the bells are ringing! It's Purus Cosmetics from the Youtuber DanaPotter16. Ok so what's the scoop. I first met young Dana back in Sept 2008 while hanging out with Koren for his birthday! Check out the video. Let me say I was impress that this young girlie got into the city all alone... these city kids!! So she told me that she wanted to have her own cosmetics line one day... and that day was over 6 months ago. Dana is the founder and CEO of Purus Cosmetics. It seems that tragedies can steer people onto better paths. "Worried about cancer, she searched for things to avoid." Dana strived to create a line that was safe and affordable to use.
When July 25th came around and I walked into the First Beauty Bloggers event I was over joyed to see the teenager and her sister there! We caught up(I asked about her summer... so Mother Hen) and then she told me about her line! I was happy and might I say not the least bit shocked... Dana looked like a determined young lady from the get go. She spilled out of her bag an array of pigments that made my mouth water...but went Plummeting Plink came out ... I stopped cold. "Can I have that?" I swear the 1st thing out of my mouth.... the color is like no other.... perfectly purple, plum, and grape all rolled into a shimmery bath of pigmentness!HAA HAA say that 3 times fast. I recovered and asked nicely! Dana was happy to hook me up!! I swatched it and was in love!!! Dana had to leave too early from the event... so I could really talk to her more about the line... but once I got home I went to check it out.... here's the scoop. Shaliners(TM) are a multi use "powder to cream commonly used as eyeshadow, liner, and cheek color". There are 20 colors for sale now for $6.50 for 2.27g. A little goes a long way! Dana takes Paypal also! Like I said, I wish I wasn't so smitten with this wonderful color I would have swatched more... but the swatches on her site is pretty close to the real life colors. (left to right with brush over Tarte's Lift(tm) Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol , with finger on bare skin, and with liner brush using mixing medium)
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