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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another eye Primer to Love!

So it's no guess that I love bright colors on my eyes!! One of the best ways to make your eye shadows really pop is adding an eye primer to your makeup routine! Along with a base or all alone eye primers really help add depth to all of your eye shadows from the dollar store lines to the highest of high ends! I have to say, I have more than a few eye primers I love using... but Tarte Cosmetics "Lifted" Natural Eye Primer with Firmtol is... well AMAZING!!!
"Lifted" comes in a convented tube very similar to most lipglosses and has a flocked tip. You might be asking "with Firmtol"... what is that? Via Tarte's website this is a formula that tightens the eyelid skin in up to 51% of the users and in as little as 10 mins after applying! After reading this I wanted to try this out... and the best way(for my skin tone) is to use a lighter color. So I applied the Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmtol and then Stila's Slate eyeshadow (might be discounted) all over the lid and blended up. Added a few more touches and this is the outcome. I have to say I don't have issues with my eyelid area, but the skin did feel a bit smoother and that color didn't go anywhere!! The product is riddled with natural plant extracts like: ginseng root and portulaca oleracea. Just as it's filled with the good ... Tarte has taken out the other stuff ... leaving Lifted Natural Eye Primer free of : dyes, talc, paraben, and gluten. If you're in the market for a new or another primer give this one a test.
Priced at $20(see below) for .11 fl. oz ... also the shelf life for this product is 6 months. Products used so close to the open body(ie. the eye) just like mascaras and most wet products have a shorter the shelf life for safety reasons.
Ok are you ready for the gift!! Tarte Cosmetics is having Friends and Family discount of 40% off!!!!!! Hello that is a savings!! Here's the code FF09 (like 2009) the discount is until the 24th of this month! Plus free shipping on orders over $60!! Enjoy shopping!!


Aquaheart said...

great post! I should try this one!

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Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup said...

thanks for the info on a primer was like just thinking of trying something new (Maybe) I am trying to stop picking up bits and pieces

1xellus1 said...

great post! thanks for sharing!