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Friday, August 7, 2009

Sephora Fall 09

If you haven't seen the catalog yet... oh boy. It is filled with some great ideas for Fall. I can't say it's all original I mean a Cat eye is a Cat eye is a... well Cat eye, but I guess it's always fun to revisit a favorite. Some of the items I've been excited about are those color tipped brushes. I mean just to have one. And I bet you can all guess which color I'm aiming for... yep the deep purple!! So, I was out and about yesterday... and I got to the mall. 3 things to say about that trip I finally saw in person the MAC's ColorCraft collection and well let's just say there is no Haul video coming on Youtube. Next thing Sephora did not have any of those funky brushes in-store for me to look at. 3rd I asked really in jest, my Sephora is sort of small, if they had any of the Lauren Luke stuff... the SA looked at me like I had 3 heads!!! I can't understand how people don't use all the wealth of knowledge that is YOUTUBE. I'm not saying you have to do videos... but Youtube is not a new website. It is in the news at least 4 times a day. Teachers, Students, Government, Fashion Designers, Makeup Artist, Newscasters, Talk shows and the list goes on use Youtube. Why can't a simple SA in the Sephora get a clue and look into it. And I know you are all like why is JES so mad? When I worked in retail... I was an Assistant Manger, I'm not saying I brought home my work all the time. But I knew the trends, looked up things, talked to people and tried to keep ahead of it all. But most of all I surely did not look like a deer in headlights when asked about a PRODUCT LINE newly LAUNCHED within my company!!!! I really dislike knowing more than the SA. Just so you know this female was about my age, so she wasn't a kid looking to make some summer money nor was she a Great Grandma not into computers (not saying Great Grandma's can't do computers). She didn't even ask me who it was, what it was, or offered to check the website. I mean come on. She really needs some Customer service 101!! I bet if I said Illamasqua her head would have spun.
Ok I think I went off on a tangent... I hope you are all still with me. Back to the Sephora catalog. Did anyone see on page 18 the crescent moon shapes at the bottom of the nail beds? Anyone try it yet? Let's see some pictures. Also matte nail polishes are back... remember around 99 they were in (wait was it 99 or 96?) That matte look lasted all of 2 months if I remember correctly at least in my area. I think I'll pass on investing any money in top coats or matte polishes UNTIL about the early holiday time, by that time the drugstores will have comparable options for me.

The next thing I saw was on page 4 brows! I'm guessing with the cooler weather my forehead will need more warmth!! Another trend I'm not going crazy about... I might fill in a tad more but nothing crazy. So if you see me with huge fro like brows point me to this post!!! I asked CandieCC about this on her online radio interview a few days ago. I think she was in agreement with me... to thick is not for her either! You guys know I love the brows, I believe they are a big part of the total makeup look. I was able to try another Brow pencil by Tarte here's my review.

And in closing... if you have the catalog in front of you right now.... did you see the glove on top of her head? Will that be the trend also... I have to say... in this picture it works. No clue tho if the average lady could pull this off.



NYC*B said...

LOve the new catalogue. I personally love grey shadows, so im so ready for fall/ winter!

Flora said...

Nice stuff!! I got eye care and lip care products from Sephora... Those are more useful...

The World's Dresser said...

How is it that I don't have this catalog?! I must see this glove.

1xellus1 said...

I agree about the glove. LOL love the catalog. Very inspirational. I can't wait to try Lauren's new goodies! So proud of her! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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