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Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Cheap Fix!

So, I had a crazy week and needed a quick fix... makeup wise of course! I headed to Walmart because I needed a box for storing my nail polishes (thanks Zoya and Twitter, LOL). As I was leaving my Walmart I passed a Sally Beauty Supply and there was my fix! Sally's has good deals BOGO's, Free with purchase items... and this month they had Sally Girl cosmetics buy 5 get 1 free. I was cruising the eye shadows and found myself saying, "JES, girl you know you have MORE than enough eye shadows." So I picked thru the over 50 nail polish colors to find 5 that I liked. More like... I was holding myself to only buying 5 that I liked. While I was looking I noticed these little signs stating that these polished were Formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene Free! How exciting, right! So I picked up 5 at 99 cents each. If you are a Beauty Club member they are 89 cents. I picked up: It's So U, Surfs Up, In The Pink, Not My Type, and U Betcha.(left to right as pictured). I'm excited to try this puppies and see how I like them. I read the reviews and they seemed mixed. But if you are looking for a really affordable range of colors from funky to french bases... there is another brand out there: Sally Girl.
I also have 6 of there eye shadows already and I am happy with them. They have a cute snap together packaging that's easy on the traveling makeup bag! Sally Beauty Supply is on Twitter, also found across the USA and International locations, and will ship orders! Happy shopping!

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Latina8184 said...

i have a few of their polishes and the eyeshadows. They are actually really great and good for travel! :)