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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MAX FACTOR goes bye bye for the US market!

I was watching BellaMakeupINC on youtube and as she was applying her makeup she mentioned that Max Factor will be going out of business. I thought... NO WAY! So I googled and low and below Max Factor owned by Procter & Gamble Co will be pulling the products from the US shelves the first quarter of 2010. So not out of business, but off of US shelves. It seems that Max Factor doesn't sell well here, but in places like the UK it outsells Covergirl. I'm not sure about you but that 2000 Calorie Mascara is pretty hot. I feel like I should stock up, but who knows it the product will dry up before I get to use it??? Here are some facts from the Times Online article:

The brand was created in 1909 by Max Factor, a makeup artist at the Royal Ballet in Russia who emigrated the US. Mr Factor moved to California, where he set up a shop that specialised in makeup for films, creating a thinner version of the greasepaint traditionally used by stage actors.

Although Max Factor makeup later graced the faces of famous beauties including Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, it was worn for the first time on camera by a man – the actor Henry B Walthall, who worked as a model for screen tests.

It's hard to believe that a cosmetic line, that has been around for over 100 years is beginning discounted in this country.... I thought we are so beauty conscious. The more brands the merrier!! Well, I guess if you see your favs on sale grab them up... cause it's only September now BUT 2010 is so around the corner!

For more info google: max factor out of business

Times Online:
P&G phasing out Max Factor in America
Reuters: P&G to phase out Max Factor in the United States
Cosmeics Design: P&G phases out Max Factor distribution in US

See some products I got from the AER Walk for Style show I did with Victoria Stiles back in March 09.


Anonymous said...

I've never used their products before, the drug store down the street has plenty of their stuff. Maybe I'll pick some up, if they're on clearance or somethin'.

Anonymous said...

I think the sales in the U.S. went down when Andrew Luster an heir to the Max Factor cosmetics, was convicted of giving girls the date rape drug and raping them.

Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup said...

I was wondering why walmart had the stuff on sale for 5 bucks!

Felicia said...

yeah I heard about this. I have to be honest, never been a Max Factor fan due to how limited they are on their foundation colors. But I do love their 2000 calorie mascara and the vivid lipsticks, I've snatched up a few of those. I predict them being on the shelves at Dollar Tree before the year is out, lol.

Kokofemme said...

I don't think I'm missing out on anything in the Max Factor lineup. Although they have been around for 4everrrrrr, it's going to be funny not seeing them around anymore.