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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spotlight Line: Purus Cosmetics by Dana Laurie

Does that name look familiar? What if I dropped a few letters and added potter16??? Now the bells are ringing! It's Purus Cosmetics from the Youtuber DanaPotter16. Ok so what's the scoop. I first met young Dana back in Sept 2008 while hanging out with Koren for his birthday! Check out the video. Let me say I was impress that this young girlie got into the city all alone... these city kids!! So she told me that she wanted to have her own cosmetics line one day... and that day was over 6 months ago. Dana is the founder and CEO of Purus Cosmetics. It seems that tragedies can steer people onto better paths. "Worried about cancer, she searched for things to avoid." Dana strived to create a line that was safe and affordable to use.
When July 25th came around and I walked into the First Beauty Bloggers event I was over joyed to see the teenager and her sister there! We caught up(I asked about her summer... so Mother Hen) and then she told me about her line! I was happy and might I say not the least bit shocked... Dana looked like a determined young lady from the get go. She spilled out of her bag an array of pigments that made my mouth water...but went Plummeting Plink came out ... I stopped cold. "Can I have that?" I swear the 1st thing out of my mouth.... the color is like no other.... perfectly purple, plum, and grape all rolled into a shimmery bath of pigmentness!HAA HAA say that 3 times fast. I recovered and asked nicely! Dana was happy to hook me up!! I swatched it and was in love!!! Dana had to leave too early from the event... so I could really talk to her more about the line... but once I got home I went to check it out.... here's the scoop. Shaliners(TM) are a multi use "powder to cream commonly used as eyeshadow, liner, and cheek color". There are 20 colors for sale now for $6.50 for 2.27g. A little goes a long way! Dana takes Paypal also! Like I said, I wish I wasn't so smitten with this wonderful color I would have swatched more... but the swatches on her site is pretty close to the real life colors. (left to right with brush over Tarte's Lift(tm) Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol , with finger on bare skin, and with liner brush using mixing medium)
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lindieinred said...

Awesome review on Dana's line! I just wish I could decide what colors to get! :-)

iiANNIEExD said...

iiannieexd[at] for the free deluxe samples code

Anonymous said...


Thanks & can't wait :)


Thanks. I just wished her site had free shipping or something! Repping Canada.

Anonymous said...

=] Hey
free sample code please =]! xpackyx on youtube! thx

Anonymous said...

I love watching Dana on Youtube, and I'm so proud of her makup line. The colors are really gorgeous.

Aquaheart said...

WOW! thanks!


Felicia said...

Wow congrats to Dana!

Pham said...

Cool, I want to try out this makeup.

this is my email


NYC*B said...

Loved meeting Dana at the meetup, so sweet and yes, very focused & determined! Lovely, lovely, young lady :)
Looking forward to trying her beautiful products!
Thanks Jes & Dana!

Macbella2 said...

These look awesome. thank you!! Excited to try them.


thanks beautiful!

Kokofemme said...

Wow, that was such a touching post. Shoutout to Dana for having the will power and determination to follow through and deliver. Heck yea, I would love a shot at the makeup giveaway. Gurl you are a true inspiration for me to get out, blog more and find my place in the makeup world. *cheez*



i would so love to try these shadows i missed her sale and funds are nill at the moment so free samples would make my day ..hugs