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Thursday, September 17, 2009

IFB event on Monday Sept 14th

Independent Fashion Bloggers(IFB) held it's 2nd annual Dress Up Soiree on September 14th, in the heart of NYC's Chinatown. Even tho I am mostly a Beauty blogger, I had the chance to go to the event to get some really useful information from Jennine Tamm and a handful of key speakers. The Fashion bloggers spoke mostly about fashion topics, but in a board way that anyone with any type of blog could benefit.
The event started off with a bang!! While on-line outside I met Suzanne Kuhn, Freelance Writer and Author, and ladies she was rocking these hot hot shoes.... can you believe it... I've never seen shoes like this before! They are Ashish for Top Shop. So Suzanne and I talked for a while what events we did this Fashion week, about our blogs, her shoes LOL, things like that. Once inside the event I have to say I wasn't too happy with what happened. First off my Beauty blogging buddy (say that 3 times fast) Yana, from My Own Judge, who had invited me to this event.... could not attend as planned. For some reason they were carding at the front door and since there was a bar you had to be 21 or over with ID to attend. Ok first off ...what if you didn't have your license? or state ID? Many NY'ers don't have licence and she didn't have her ID with her. Next, this was a Bloggers event NOT a Wine tasting event!! I saw 3 people get turned away. Not cool. They should have done hand stamps or wrist bands for the 21 and over. I have to say I was really upset by this. Once inside Suzanne had the print out of the invite and NO WHERE on it did it state you had to be 21 or over to attend. So that totally put a damper on the night! And Yana's outfit was super cute!
So while we were inside the venue was PACKED! Nice to see so many young bloggers out.... male and females! I saw a few bloggers I read and I also got to interview a few people that were attending the meet and greet. Since it was more of a Fashion blog event I took that time to intro myself and see what the Fashion people were thinking about beauty blogs. Here we go.
What made you start with beauty blogs?
Cynthia: She wanted to find more information on " day to night looks" since she's a working chick and needed help with office to nightlife.
What do you look for in Beauty Blogs?
Josephine: She didn't look for only high end products reviews "I like to see it all", and wants to see more "how-to's"
Roslyn: She wasn't into the makeup as much, but was "looking for the deals."
What keeps you coming back to the blog?
Dolapo: Tone, content, how often they post... "how realist and true to themselves" the blogger is. "with the way the economy is now, is this blogger relating to Who is watching them."
Cecile: She wants to see more "tuts on blogs maybe with links to videos."
How do you find your beauty blogs?
Ngozi: She finds Beauty blogs via word of mouth, blog rolls, and "if I get a link on Twitter that is of interest," she'll read and follow the blog.

So even though I missed the big Beauty Bloggers event I still got some useful information about blogging in general from the IFB. The panel talked about copyrighting, finding your our blog voice, writing about what you really care about, and how to credit pics and info. The event was a bit crowded and because of the misinformation regarding the entrance... I did not have a blast, but I still managed to have a decent time. We parted the event with a pretty nice goodie bag including cards, samples from Starbucks, discount codes from Moxie and 365 Hangers, and a full size tube of Bad Gal Lash from Benefit.
shoe picture credit: Zebra Feet


Kokofemme said...

No maam-a-lam! I know she was devastated not to be able to get in on the pretense of "false advertisement" of the event. Now that's a true bummer! I am glad that despite it all you got to hear some good info and take a pic of those fly shoes! Love them.....u rock!!

jennine said...

i'm sorry you had such a bad time. to be frank, WE weren't told it was 21 over, and if you got there before 10 when the kitchen closed, you should have been able to make it in.

but i'm glad you came out, and got a goodie bag.