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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So what is the Matte idea???

So I have the classic normal oily combo skin!! Yep in the T zone... more little t ... you know up and down the center and across the upper cheek area. Anyway back in the summer I just sort of dealt with it... I mean it was hot and sweaty anyway... so I just played it off as "dewy" LOL. But in the winter, Hello you know I am not sweating outside if there is snow on the ground!!! So while cleaning out my makeup area(which is something you should try... you find so many things you forgot you own!!) so I was cleaning and I found the Boots Expert Instant Matte liquid that Vannessa(VANEWPC) told me about back in the summer months. Well hello it works!!! Check out the quick video I did just for this post!!!

The 3 Steps to Matte!

And the best part... this product is local to most of us!! If you have a Target... you have about a 95% chance of finding this product... and hold on. The best part... it's only about $6 bucks!!! So yes you too can be fairy Matte for a good part of your day for only $6!! Enjoy!

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1 comment:

Lteefaw said...

boots makes alot of great product. i wish their hair care line was sold in the US