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Saturday, April 17, 2010


This will have almost nothing to do with makeup. And I know this is my makeup blog... but that's just it... it's my blog. I am in a music mood today... a kick really. I am listening to NUDE by Radiohead right now... as I type and I am swaying like I am at a piano and not a keyboard. I don't now many of my followers of my blog... but for me music is total Total . It can bring inspiration, form tears, fight crime for God sakes. Since this is a random post anyway... I am have to say I am so glad I can type without having to look at the keys... so I can really feel the music and twist and turn to it....

I know you must be like... what is this chick going on about?? But don't you feel like just sometimes you have to speak out about something or your day will not be complete??? My best friend(song change House of Cards) Chavon sent me for my birthday 3 DVDs full of music... I told her... "You know Chavon, I don't think I will be able to ever listen to all of this music. But you know me so well this is perfect!" I cherry picked over the 3 DVDs, finding some really really good gems that made me think of life, love, and time. Music does it to me... brings me back to when things were so sooooo much simpler. We all wish to go back to those times when the most you had to do was finish your homework and brush your teeth at night. Now, as most of you are around my age; there's job markets, car notes, kids, family, getting to the dentist, all the random things we mostly had no idea our parents had to think about. Am I right? And (Nikka Costa Push and Pull) now that we are in that space... we sometimes what to slip back right in to that homework world. I am rambling I know it... But I haven't found anything else in my life that can sooth me like music can.... or bring tears with the first chord [I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow just listed not listening... it really makes me cry]. Or reminds me of a late afternoon trying to sync a video and a CD of the beginning of Lion King with a floor mate Leigh! Which took over an hour.

I remember the opening of the movie Garden State...ohhh and ahhhh. The movie had some amazing tunes... (Nick Drake One of These Things) really helped the story along... but I have to say it was one of the few soundtrack CDs I own. Right after I saw that movie, I went out and got the CD.
Some great free places on the web to LISTEN to music I am part of Blip here is my profile it's linked to Twitter so you'll be able to see some of my blips/tweets when I am feeling music'ee LOL!!

Ok I think the swaying and tears have taken over my thoughts... so enjoy the music people. The music that plays in your life... it doesn't have to be anything even close to anyone elses... or anyones thoughts on what you should listen to ..... Make your mind and life happy listen to what you feel is right for you. I am leaving with Drifting Along by Jamiroquai

Let me know some of your jams and favorite songs... comment below!!!
NOTE: NONE OF THE MUSIC LINKS ARE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The links are to the exact song I was listening to while I typed. These are all from youtube and I am not advicating the use of unpaid music in videos... just saying.

Music played during editting:
Why by Annie Lennox There's your makeup relation!!! HAA HAA


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