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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review time: Revlon's Just Bitten

So are you looking for a quick touch of color that you won't have to worry about for a couple of hours?  The best thing about lip stains out there now... most of them have the marker tip just like the Revlon ones do! This helps even the most unsteady hand. Check out the Revlon Just Bitten line.
The most important thing with lip stains is LIP PREP!! People you have to prep your lips... if you do a sugar scrub the night before and sleep with a heavy lip balm... you should be all set!! I found that when I was first testing it... I didn't prep well and the color came off uneven. Keeping on the older skin more that the supple skin.
Revlon's Just Bitten comes in a range of colors like Fate, Forbidden, and Midnight which are deeper to the lighter shades like Passion and Instinct. The retail prices will always range... but look for sales at places like Ulta and CVS.  After you have applied the stain to your lips, Revlon suggest to wait 30 seconds and then apply the satiny lip balm that is on the other end of the stick.  Everything is all in one on this product! I haven't had this wand for that long, but I have noticed that the cover for the stain end has a cap that is a "double cover".  I don't think this makes it air tight, but it insures that it snaps into place each time.  So make sure when you replace the cap you hear a snap!
So all the lovely stuff is out of the way... let's get to the cons. I only have but one  con, but to me it's a biggie!! The lip balm end of the product.... arggg!  The lip balm comes with about a 1/4 inch exposed and that's it... it does not wind either up or down. Being that you can't wind it down... you have to be very gentle with this or it may snap! And since the balm is the product I will have to apply more than the stain... I find that it will not out last the stain! So even tho I love the color range  is great, staying power is awesome, and the lip balm is a satin balm effect.... the balm  will finish or snap before I've used all the stain! Maybe Revlon will come out with a refill??

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