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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Out of the ordinary...brush in hand???

Not always at a makeup spot!
I was just talking to one of my makeup artist friends and we were talking about the strangest, weirdest, or just out of the ordinary place we've done makeup!!  I have to say the weirdest place I've done makeup was on a bus into the city... I was on my way to an early morning photo shoot.
I jammed into my seat next to a young lady, kit between my legs, carry bag on my lap... I was touching up from the walk to the bus station and I heard... "Wow you have a lot of makeup in your makeup bag..." HAHA... she of course had no clue... we started talking and with in minutes I learned she was heading to an early lunch with a old college roommate!! She was nicely dressed, perfect hair do... and NOT A STITCH of makeup on!!!!  I was like... would you like me to do a little on you? Haa haa we had about a 30 min ride so in between the bumps and shifts we did the WHOLE face! I did wait until we stopped at Port Auth. to do her mascara... the last thing I needed was to be sued for jabbing her in the eye!  We parted and I cleaned my brushes at the start of my photo shoot!  My friend's story is a bit similar... she gave a lip-over on a subway! Seems like the girl was over blending and way too much lipgloss...
   So what is your crazy makeup story?? Where were you?  How much time did you have? 

Photos: Brushes from this blog here is the post!
            Bus here

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