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Sunday, April 26, 2009

My new fav!

Ok so I have a new favorite brush.
It's soft, cheap, and wonderful. E.L.F. studio strikes again. Sorry for the semi crappy picture... my nice cam is acting up!!! Ok so this brush is $3 bucks.... by the way everything in the E.L.F. studio line is $3. The regular E.L.F. line starts at $1 and they have minerals which range in price. Anyway... back to the brush.

The handle is nice and thick, fits nicely in your hand. I've used it for powder and for blush blending. It's made of synthetic Taklon ( so you animal lovers should be happy) , also I just noticed it can be used for wet products too.... interesting... I wonder how it would work with liquid foundations.

Next to MAC's 239.


I'm going to write me review on the E.L.F. website right now!


CoastiesGirl said...

I absolutely love this brush for Liquid Foundation, it really does work well I think. Mind you I do not have the MAC 187, so i dont know how it would ever compare to that brush, but I do like this brush for liquid foundation! I bought 3 of them, Powder,Blush and Liquid Foundation.

Anonymous said...

I have two of these brushes and love them with liquid and cream. I also use them to smooth the too much powder look when I get carried away.

Anonymous said...

wow nice brushes:)

i usually used my fingers putting some liquid foudation:)

thanks for sharing