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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eyes Lips Face duo.

I really wanted to do this live... using my webcam and then editing in some stills of the product... but since my webcam hates me right now.... I'll do a blog review.( I know AIversonBabe is happy:P). Which might work out better in the end(LESS WORK). Ok so my pal on youtube Girlcanpaint spotlighted this product a few videos ago... and I placed a E.L.F order about 2 weeks ago and decided to make this part of my haul. So glad I did! Here's the story. Ok are you sitting down? Most likely yes, anyway... if you're looking for a sleek blush/bronzer combo.... look no farther.

This E.L.F. duo is 3 bucks!!! And the color payoff is excellent. Just enough bronzsey shimmer and just a touch of coralie pink to make this a Spring must, and for the price come on. Here are some close up pictures of the colors. I heard that this combo is a dupe for a NARS blush duo, but since I don't have the NARS I can't say for sure. If anyone knows the duo I'm talking about let me know.
Let's talk packaging. Ok it's a soft matte case, with E.L.F. and Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in small letters(NOT BLASTING) on the flip top. Now that flip-top, the only con is...
it is REALLY hard to pop open. I almost broke my already weak nail on it, but once it was opened I was really happy soooo. Full mirror, plastic E.L.F. cover, and shiny black plastic surround the 2 rounded rectangular pans. 4grams/.14 Oz total. The bottom has a small circular stick stating the product name and number.

I used this duo on a client and she loved the color payoff! I was happy too the picture above is more sunny shade if you will.... It's showing a but more pink there than in really life. I really hope E.L.F. does more as far as color products in their Studio Line.


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