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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Now that I found glue....

I am excited to try more of the lashes that I got at The Makeup show!! I am just sad not that I didn't get more than 7 pairs... I hope they get to the show again next year!!!

i*Evny by Kiss
Mini Review: 1 to 5
Packaging: 4 Lashes in clear view, reuseable! No glue included!
Range: 5 Something for everyone!
Shop: 5 You can find Kiss lashes at many Drugstores!
Price: 5 Great... It's Kiss after all!!
Quality: 4 Clean off the glue and reuse!! Be careful not to pull too hard or they will lose their shape.
Rebuy: 500% Great lashes Great Price...

Check Out their FB page this month for a Giveaway for their line!!

I have used other Kiss products with GREAT success... so I am happy to try another branch of their company!!

Pic: JESmakeup

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