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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 Favs from The Makeup Show NYC 2011

Once again I had a wonderful year at The Makeup Show NYC!!! This was my 3rd year in a row... and I already cannot WAIT for next year!!! So hands down... for me these were 2 of my favs from the show... ready?!?!

I know I tweeted about my interest in this brush company as soon as I saw my Youtube friend Vanessa (@vanewpc) tweet her review on them!!! So Bdellium Tools gets my first pick. They were setup on the 2nd floor, along with Eve Pearl, Xotic Eyes, Empire Beauty School, and others. Heading out their collection had to be the Green Bambu series which boast Bamboo handles! The "Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on Earth.1" The 100% synthetic bristles of the Green Bambu collection are NOT treated with the antibacterial agent. Good call tho, since synthetic brushes "are less likely to accure bacteria2" and everyone will want to see the cool green tint of the Vegan bristles. I also picked up a few of their Studio Line which are treated with the antibacterial agent and are all 7 layer lacquered birch wood handles.... I can't wait to try my new 985 which is a Duet Fiber powder brush!! If you can think... soft... it's still so much softer!!! LOL Watch for my haul video to see all of the brushes I picked up!! This BDellium link details upcoming shows they will be part of!

Pick 2... Pete Estey, President and Shanna Matthews, Creative Dir. at Naked Cosmetics once again came up with a product people love and who doesn't love a multi use product(7 different ways by my count!). Shanna introduced me to the newest collection.... ready.... wait for it.... TWILIGHT3... forget about it... I was reaching for my wallet before "-light" came out of her mouth!!! I think she saw how excited I was about the name that she gave me a set!! So I asked since I remember that the natural pigments could be used in different ways... "Can I mix these into Acrylic powder for nailart?" and the answer is YES!!! How awesome is that?? So look for some more nail tut using these 100% oxidized micas! Look for Naked Cosmetics at their next trade show.

Notes:1: Quote taken from pg 5 of the Bdellium Tools product brochure. 2: Quote taked from pg 7 of the Bdellium Tools product brochure. 3: I believe this collection is new to the line... I didn't see it on the Naked Cosmetics site. I was given some products by both of these companies, but I do not work for nor am I bias in anyway.


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