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Friday, June 5, 2009

Great find at the M.U.S 2009

Pencil Me In Cosmetics!!!

What a great find from the Makeup Show 2009. Linda Eisner the owner and founder of the pencils hooked me up at the show with 3 of her really cool Pencils. At the show I was really impressed that her daughter , Stephanie had done her WHOLE eye look with just using the pencils and a small e/s brush. I meet them @ close to 4:30pm and Stephanie stated that she had had the makeup on from 6:30am!!! Crazy.... right! So Linda hand picked the ones she thought I should try... Orchid Spark, Char-kol, and Emerald City. You guys know I love purples!!!

WOW, I was really impressed once I came home. The textures of these pencils are wonderful. Creamy but not smudge, Intense but not funky, and good for ya!! So what is the story with these pencils you may ask. Well as Linda so perfectly stated in her interview with Koren (from EnKoreMakeup, youtube GURU) the eye area is one of the few places that accepts nutrients. So these pencils are infused with Vitamins and Anti-Oxidants (please watch the interview for list of vitamins!!!) Plus they include a ton of natural ingredients. Also, wait for it..... They each come with BUILT in sharpener!! Right in the cap. Perfect no major cleanup just sharpen and go!!

Ok so with this look I just used the Orchid Spark which has a great silver glitter(the glitters are NOT waterline safe) on the upper lash line. I did it semi thick cause I knew I wasn't going to do anything else to my eye area! I just popped a little liquid black liner to give the wing-out some definition. and that's it!!! I added mascara. What a simple effective summer look... right. Just enough pop of color to be fun, but not time consuming!!

The line has 30 colors... like Snow a true white, 24 Karat a rich gold, and Pink Lady Grease Fans would be proud!!

Check out Linda's creations at

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