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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Johnny Lavoy's 9x9 by the PowerGroup

I know I did a video about this last week, here are some pictures and a written review I promised.

Ok here's the back story.... I went to this years NYC Makeup show with Ivette (Girlcanpaint from youtube) and got to met her friend.... the wonderful and dare I say DREAMY Johnny Lavoy. As he performed his wonderful tricks (mini makeover) on Ivette, I was excited to watch. He used 5 of the 7 pigments that come in his set, from the Powder Group. He's 9x9 has 7 pigments and 2 creamy nail polished. There are 3 other kits sold by the Powder Group (James Vincent , Kate Best, and Gregg Hubbard) all 4 have different groupings of makeup. Including nail polishes, pigments, cream bases, and eye shadows. And hello it all comes in a clear makeup bag!!! I have been "playing" with these gems of my makeup collection for a few weeks now.... the textures are wonderful wet and dry. Both ways work wonderful... I give more detail about the uses in my video.

As I said in the video I used a home made mixing medium of water and Glycerin.... wet my brush, dipped and applied!

The links above show where and how you can pick up your own 9x9.

Check out the video from Girlcanpaint of Johnny working the 9x9.

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