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Thursday, November 19, 2009

So much going on!!

Sorry everyone!! So much has been going on since the beginning of this month... my poor blog and you all have missed out! I'll try to recap as much as I can.

Ok so most of you know I got a part time job with MAC!! WOOT WOOT!! That doesn't mean I will be all about them in my videos, tweets, or blog post... But it means I will be able to share more than just eyeshadow colors and lipsticks. Skincare is the base of any great makeup!! And this company has more than a few great skincare products!! Even though a lot of people know about these products... there are many uses for them!! And everyone wants more for the money right?!? RIGHT.
Also, I am over the moon for Maybelline's Color Sensational lipsticks... I have 6 so far!! They are super pigmented, true color, creamy... they are dreams!!! Here are the swatches of the ones I have so far.

So I had training for my new job for 5 days! It was intense... boy!!! WOW... so much to learn... like I said before... more than just eyeshadows, lipsticks, and paintpots!!! At the end I was even MORE excited to work... nothing beats being prepared for a job with all the training. One of the best parts of training.... THE PEOPLE... AWESOME!!! All levels of artists were there... so if you are a semi beginner or a independent freelancer... you can work your magic. I have heard a lot of people say they stayed away from applying at MAC because of the 5 day in a row training session that you have to take. #1 most people start in store or at counter WEEKS before they go to training. #2 if you miss a day you just have to make it up before you can get certified. #3 I'm about 95% sure travel and food is PAID for. So, talk to your local Counter mgr or Freestanding store mgr when you pick up your application. Another thing I loved about training... it wasn't stressful at all... of course you're being watched and it's like school... but it's safe! Everyone is learning and everyone really wants to be there... from the trainers, to the visiting Execs, and artist from different locations.

So my 2 spotlight products of the week:

MAC Wipes and Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks

If the wipes feel too rough for you here's a hint(I learned years ago) with the package closed... store wipes upside down! Keeps even the top wipe moist. That roughness is the sugar embedded in the cloth. Also some people say the skin feels too moist after using the wipes... That's product that helps remove all makeup and prep skin for the next look quickly

48 pigment rich shades! I've never loved a drugstore lip product as much as I love this!! And you can find coupons online and in the Sunday newspapers!! The honey nectar that feeds the lips doesn't add a scent or stickiness. Look above for the swatches of the 6 I own! Find your shade

Soooo that was a lot! Remember I have that contest coming up as soon as I reach 2,000 subs on my youtube channel!! The prizes.. I already did a video for!! and the POT IS GROWING!!! So I hope you all sub and tell your friends!! Most likely it will be after the Christmas/ December holidays so you might get an extra Holiday Gift of MAKEUP!! WOOT WOOT

Maybelline prop pic: Fashion Daily Mag

MAC wipes picture credit:

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1xellus1 said...

Congratulations on your new job! That's very exciting. Thanks for the tips about the wipes & the maybelline l/s. :O)