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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MARK.ed the spot.

So back in July Linda Granillo, a MARK. rep, sent samples for us to try at the Blogging Beauties of NYC hosted by Yana and Brittany. Linda sent up some deluxe sample packs for us to farther check out... The first item I'm reviewing: Juice Gems retailing for $6 for .5 oz! A shot of gloss, fruit, and glimmer!
So like the Magalog says: "High-shine tinted gloss...real fruit extract" Linda sent me Cherry Pop... it's like cherry kisses for your lips. This gloss is not too sticky and has hint of golden shimmer running thru it... BY NO MEANS glitter... just a soft shimmer. Linda also sent me a few samples of skincare that I will be reviewing in the coming weeks! Here are some pictures of the rest of what she sent me. If you are looking to order MARK.... try Linda. Right now she has a code for free shipping over $25!

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