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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Look and stuff

Hey all!
So I've really tried to keep the videos rolling with Fall and colorful looks! I hope you all are as excited as I am about the Fall weather! Ok so here is a new look I thought up! I took some webcam pictures and did a video. I have to say I am really really missing my Kodak!!!! I feel like the webcam pictures are a bit washed out! So within a month(or so) I will be able to get a new cam!!! MORE PIXELS Baby!! Until then I hope you all are enjoying the looks on the youtube channel!

Here are the details for today's look!!
Eyes: prime with Lumene and UDPP, Claire De Lune (MAC) on the lid, Clarity (MAC) in the crease, Sweet Sienna(MAC) over the crease and up to the brow, and last Handwritten between the Lid and crease mostly on the outer corner and blend over! (Clarity and Sweet Sienna on lower lash line) Lined with INColor Fabu Liner black and Full and Soft mascara

Cheeks: Lovecrush(MAC) and Warm Blend(MAC) -deepest to contour and lightest to highlight

Lips: prep with EZBaby (MAC), liner Candied Violet(Revlon), and Gilty Kiss(MAC)

Any questions let me know!!!

Thanks for all your support!!


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