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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Everyone has them... these are some of mine!

Makeup Tips of course
After using makeup for so long... I know I'm not the only one with tips and personal tricks that I use. So here are some of my favs! I asked on Twitter last night and this morning: I'll share the cutiest @ or DM with you all!

Really Really Really try to remove your makeup before you go to bed!! This is a good practice because it keeps your pillows clean and your skin a bit more healthy.
2. To help with number 1... keep a package of Makeup Remover wipes at your bedside.... for those... "Darn I forgot to take off my makeup" nights. There are a ton of brands out there. Right now I'm using Korres, but once they are done I'm going back to my old faith fun Target brand Makeup remover wipes.
3. Even in the winter months we still need sunblock.
4. If you are drier in the fall/winter months switch up your facial lotion... maybe to a non oil-free. Switch back in the warm months!

Give the look a chance! Many many times I've gotten to about 3/4 of the way done with a look and started to hate how it was coming out. I mean did everything but the liner and lashes and was hmmm errr'ing in my head... 3 sec from removing it and decided.... maybe I should finish the look and see. TAA DAA!! A bit of liner and lashes can really change a look. So the tip: Always finish a look to the end, cause it's the finishing touches that really pull it together!
6. Cotton swabs are your friends... those little wands are very powerful and can help you out in tough spots! Ever over wing the liner??? YES. Just grab a swab with some remover and have at it!
7. Ok so now you have attacked that misguided winged out liner... and now what.... if you went to far and you see your bare skin..... you have to start over in that spot. It's a pain but worth it. So re-prime, powder(or spot of liquid) UPDD(Tarte, Lumene, 2Face, Vital Rad.), eye shadow... the works. And guess what? Use that trusty Cotton swab again!

8. Ok so you decided to go with a liquid liner in black. You made the perfect lines and then... wow that's a bit intense! Grab a small tipped brush(smudger brush, inner corner, or some other tiny mini eyeshadow brush) and with a color from your look(I'd use the mid tone or deepest of the look) and sweep it over the line. This keeps it in the family and tones down the black line. So you don't have to redo the line!
9. Important. It doesn't have to be a million dollars to work! If you only use CoverGirl cosmetics cause that's all you can buy... then WORK IT! Most of us Makeup heads have more than one brand we use! I, like others can really work a $6 dollar quad just the same as a $35 dollar one! 10. Write down your combos/looks. After your down or maybe while you're on a morning break at school or work. Write down your FOTD... so when you're in a rut or in a rush and you can't think of what to do... go to the "FOTD's I Love" section in your notebook!

11. If you pencil in, powder in, or gel in your eyebrows... PLEASE remember to bring that product in your Makeup bag! You never know if you see a hottie and he makes you sweat... you dab your brow and then IT's GONE!!! LOL (ok stop laughing it happened to me YEARS ago).

12.Keep your makeup area organized. I love to label my drawers not only with eyeshadow, but if you have a lot break it down ie. purple eye shadows, H.I.P Duos, lashes, cream blushes, eye glitter, dark lipsticks.

The sweetiest Makeup tip from Twitter:

Weebeasty: My favorite make up tip ever came from my Great grandma who told me that the perfect red lipstick is a must have. Always.

So with all the makeup you have in your collection, play with it, enjoy it and always give it a chance. Take care of your skin cause it's the best base for your art!
Brush picture credit:

The link and the picture are from crownbrush of the UK , The Crown Brush brush I have is from Both have the same numbers and VERY VERY simialr websites. I got my Detailed Chisel Brush at the Makeup Show in May of 2009.

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Great post, thanks for the awesome tips :)